Exterior Services

Exterior Decorating

If you’re already juggling the many demands of a busy life, it’s little wonder that jobs such as painting your property’s exterior or sanding and painting exterior woodwork get pushed to the bottom of the “must-do” list. Yet, as with other dreary but necessary tasks, once the rot sets in the cost of replacement can be really prohibitive. Ultimately, you will save money, time and hassle by allowing us to take care of your property’s exterior walls and woodwork. Our attention to preparation and the high quality products we insist upon will ensure that your woodwork is protected for years to come.

Facias & Soffits

Although most of us dread this part of house-maintenance, if wooden fascias and soffits are left untended for too long, they will eventually start to rot. The cost of completely replacing them can be quite staggering. It’s far less expensive to let us inspect and maintain them on your behalf. We’ll ensure they’re kept in excellent repair, and give them a fresh coat of protective exterior paint when they need it. If your fascias and soffits are made of plastic, we offer a meticulous cleaning service, giving the outside of your home the decorative equivalent of a face-lift!

We adhere to stringent safety standards at all times, so if access to your fascias and soffits is tricky or limited, leave it to us to arrange any extra equipment that might be required.


Where possible, we will always remove plastic guttering prior to exterior painting. Once decoration is complete, your guttering is thoroughly cleaned and professionally refitted.

We also recommend that you have your guttering checked on a regular basis for leaks and blockages to the downpipes, particularly if your home is close to many large, deciduous trees, or if your roof accumulates moss which can roll down into the gutter. An annual check will help to prevent blockages from these and other causes, and we are delighted to offer this service on request.

It could be that brand new guttering is the best solution for you, and if that’s the case we can offer a complete guttering replacement service, from removal and disposal of the old, to full installation of the new. We’ll be very happy to provide a free quotation at a time convenient to you.